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  • Half Mask Respirator

The Premier Series 100

Half-Mask Respirator is molded from pure silicone material with no extra additives. The Series 100 mask is the most comfortable, quickest to clean up, and the durability provides a long service life. Just 6 parts make up and Dentec Safety half-mask respirator! Identical replacement components are used on any of our half-mask respirators, and the same cartridges fit both half mask and full-face respirators. This simplicity in design eases maintenance and cleaning, and reduces inventory.

An Industry Favorite!

  • Comfort and compatibility, without compromise.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Multi-position cartridge placement.
  • Extra large inhalation valves.
  • Patented corrugated exhale valve.
  • Low "dead air" space.
  • Unique low-fitting design.
  • Textured non-slip face seal.
  • Swivel strap retainers.
  • Replaceable parts.

Comfort-Air® sets the standard for comfort and compatibility. Molded from pure silicone, the wide interior flange, deep chin cup and rolled edges of the Comfort-Air® mask make it the "hands down" favorite for long-term comfort and fit.

The textured no-slip face seal and swivel retainers ensure proper placement. Extra large inhalation valve, unique corrugated exhale valve and minimized "dead air" space provide low breathing resistance and added comfort.

Patented multi-position cartridge placement and low-fitting mask design allow maximum compatibility with other PPE. NIOSH approved.


Half Mask Respirator

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