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A Safe to handle, Unique & Patented Biotechnology based, Non-Toxic, Non-Harsh, Non-Corrosive, Non-Carcinogenic, Environment  Friendly, Biodegradable, certified Food Contact no Rinse disinfectant.

BIOXY ENVIRO is a powder product that generates 3 distinct disinfectants;

Quaternary, Hydrogen Peroxide and Neutral Peracetic-Acid sets new industry standards as the first environmentally safe broad-spectrum disinfectant to record total kills on the most difficult pathogens.

BIOXY ENVIRO is a powder, when dissolved in water, produces three active disinfectants; peroxy-acetic agent, hydrogen peroxide and two quaternary chains of fourth generation and all at a near neutral pH making it safe for users.

BIOXY ENVIRO is a disinfectant used for hundreds of applications in the agricultural community like fogging, foot baths, cleaning and general disinfecting. The powder breaks down quickly and leaves no trace in the environment, in addition to having no microbial resistance.

BIOXY ENVIRO is a champion against a broad spectrum of Micro-organisms. As well as being safe, it is very effective in presence of biofilm, dirt and other contaminants.

BIOXY ENVIRO, with its environmental and safe formula replaces all the toxic products such as: glutaraldehyde, aldehydes, and chlorine-based corrosive products.

BIOXY ENVIRO can be used in cattle, hog or poultry farms and in many other places such as in veterinary clinic. Virtually odorless, convenient for users as well as for animals.


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