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Betco’s FASTDRAW® chemical management systems consistently provide the correct dilution for cleaning staffs. These innovative,
versatile and simple systems utilize a one size fit all FASTDRAW® bottle design that reduces inventory investment.

When cleaning chemicals are not accurately diluted, it is like pouring money down the drain which can potentially endanger the cleaning staff as well as cause poor cleaning results.


Betco’s FASTDRAW® PRO is an innovative multi-product dispensing system offering the most durable and versatile design in the market. The dispensing unit contains four concentrated products to quickly dispense the appropriate product at the proper dilution, reducing chemical waste and maintaining consistent cleaning results. 

  • Innovative design maximizes otherwise wasted closet space.

  • (A) Locking fill button allows users to perform other tasks while filling.

  • (B) Dual Viewports - For quick identification of chemical and fill level.

  • Simple threaded bottle connection is easy to install and check valve keeps system primed and ready for use.

  • (C) Locking doors to prevent tampering and theft.

  • Approved ASSE back flow device prevents contamination of water supply.

  • Bottle or Bucket fill from each bay.

  • Versatile - only corner or flat wall mountable dispenser in the market.



 One FastDraw bottle for ALL Chemical Management systems