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Captures and distributes normally exhausted heat from the wash/rinse tank, using this FREE energy to pre-heat cold water prior to feeding the booster heater. Water entering the booster heater has been pre-heated, reducing the energy cost to bring booster temperature to required 180 degrees, potentially saving THOUSANDS of $ in operational costs.

High Temperature 3- Door Single Rack Dishwasher


  • Replaces need for independent vent hood.
  • Final rinse valve receives cold water (45-70°F) that is processed through “heat recovery system”, providing nearly cost free heating capabilities for water supplied to the booster heater, which reduces the recovery time for the booster heater.
  • Heat recovery system captures water vapor from the wash & rinse cycle, and condenses it to heat the incoming cold
    water & evacuate the steam from the wash chamber.
  • Door-actuated start.
  • Safe-T-Temp feature assures 180°F sanitizing rinse every cycle.
  • 12kW electrical booster heater.
  • Booster-safety thermostat.
  • 6kW wash tank heater.
  • Low max. 0.89 US gallons of water usage per rack.
  • Minimum 90-second cycle. (60 second wash/rinse & 30 second steam evacuation)
  • 40 racks per hour (based on 90-second cycle).
  • Fully automatic cycle for easy operation.
  • Water level safety control.
  • Maximum clearance for dishes is 28".
  • All Stainless Steel construction.
  • Wash tank screens, which filter recirculating wash water, prevent soil from entering spray arms.
  • 3-door feature for straight or corner applications.
  • Automatic heat exchange condenser wash-down feature.
  • Rinse PRV supplied (Pressure Regulating Valve).
  • Field convertible from three phase to single phase.
  • Simple, rugged durability that you expect from CMA.
  • Door Safety Interlock System (DSI) assures that doors remain locked throughout the entire cycle, allowing the HR system to evacuate the vapor from the machine.