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  • Bug-Tek Insecticide

Bug-Tek insecticide meet’s the stringent Canadian standards and works on a wide range of insects.

This formulation breaks down very quickly when contact is made with warm-blooded animals. With cold-blooded insects though, it is a different story and is highly effective on both flying and crawling bugs. 

Bug-Tek Insecticide Features

  • Remains effective for 4-6 weeks and kills insects on contact
  • Eliminates a variety of cold-blooded bugs
  • Water-Based. It does not contain solvents, alcohols, VOCs or any preservatives. It does not stain and is non-sticky as well. 
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Bug-Tek Insecticide Applications

Excellent for use in:

  • Homes, public buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, businesses, museums, stores, offices or anywhere that needs a safe, effective insecticide. 
  • Can be sprayed directly on insects or on surfaces that see frequent activity of insects. 
  • Can be an anti-parasitic agent as well as insecticide. 
  • Prevention of infestations and treatment of current insect problems. 

Bug-Tek Insecticide

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