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High Bay LED Lighting with Light Saver +

The electronic HID ballast reduces energy consumption significantly while maintaining ballast and lamp reliability, light output, and key operating parameters.
The electronic HID ballast replaces the igniter, capacitor, and transformer components of a conventional (electromagnetic core and coil) ballast with a single, lightweight (80% less) unit that can be mounted within the existing luminaire housings.
Tests have shown that light levels are increased without increasing energy levels or, light levels can be maintained with less energy consumed.  Lighting is flicker free and without hum.

•    High bay- Electronic high bay digital ballasts-new fixtures available with Aluminum or poly carbonate optics/wire guards for sports facilities and poly carbonate lens for plants/factories
•    Low Bay-Induction-all induction fixtures are sealed and available in wash down rating

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High Bay LED Lighting

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