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Frequently Asked Questions About Light Saver +

What type of lighting can be dimmed?
Metal halide, high pressure sodium, LED, T5, mercury vapor and low-pressure sodium HID lighting all respond very well to dimming.

Is ballast or lamp life reduced?
No — there is no measurable change in lamp life. Ballast life is not shortened. In fact, reducing the voltage to a ballast reduces the amount of heat created in the coil; theory would suggest, then, that cooler running ballasts may even last longer.

Where is the lighting control installed?
Typically, the lighting control is installed in the electrical room near the lighting panel. Our two-part system includes a wall-mounted control center and a floor-mounted voltage regulator. The system is designed for installation in separate areas where space is a consideration. The remote control is mounted in a location suitable for easy access.

We've had a bad experience with hi/low lighting; how is this different?
Our light systems work very differently from hi/low lighting. We control the voltage to all fixtures from the main lighting panel; no circuitry is installed in the ceiling or at the fixtures. In the unlikely event of a problem, a manual bypass switch allows our unit to be completely removed from the electrical circuit to return the lighting to its original configuration.

How much savings can the system produce?
The amount of savings depends on usage patterns. Typically, an area with a mix of occupied and unoccupied scheduling can save from 25 to 38%. Is the system electrically certified? Yes — certification is available for all areas of North America.

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