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Eric Cox Sanitation Equipment and Supplies has been in existence over 50 years providing janitorial and sanitation supplies for Midwestern Ontario and its surrounding areas. It began and continues to be a family owned and operated business in Harriston, Ontario that continue to specialize in the following products:

With over 25 years of experience our sales team can provide an in-depth analysis of your operation and your service levels as well as provide alternatives to best suit your company’s needs and specifications. We have available a wide range of innovative products including environmentally safe products. Our in house delivery systems can ensure us you have the product when you need the product.

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Chemical Management With Eric Cox Sanitation

FastDraw Pro Chemical Management SystemThe dispenser is the most durable, versatile and simple 4 bay locking chemical management system on the market.

The durable looking exterior is matched by a robust 3 point lock for each door and hinges that with stand the toughest cleaning environment. The dispenser is designed to dispense to bottles or buckets from each bay and can be mounted in a corner or flat walls. Filling quart bottles has never been more simple, slide the fill tube into the bottle and push up.

  • Durable construction handles the toughest environments

  • 3 Point locking doors to prevent tampering or theft

  • Space saving design - mounts on either a flat wall or in a corner

  • Bottle or Bucket Fill from each bay

  • Simple One-Hand bottle fill - lift-n-fill

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